Whoolias is a marketplace for creatives to earn a living and brands to produce the content they need. Because every company today is a media company. Today’s marketplace requires us to create content at the speed of digital, typically with a 24-hour shelf-life.

Whoolias came from my own frustration with this process. While running several businesses and raising a family of 5, I had very little time to devote to finding talented creatives to produce content for my restaurants. Out of this frustration, I set out to build a solution to save people like me time to get the content they need to grow their businesses.

Because time is our most valuable asset. We want to help creatives and business owners save time whilst being able to grow their businesses.

Who do we care about?

Whoolias is a creator-led company that believes in enabling creatives to focus on making content and allowing software to assist them in managing their business. Our promise to creative partners is to remove the stress of finding work, avoid getting fucked over on pay, and make it easier to market yourselves.

All the brands we’ve worked with have dealt with the same problems I have running my businesses. With shorter deadlines and limited resources, they still want to keep their brand relevant with content that tells their story. Our promise to brands is to curate a talented group of photographers, videographers, and UGC creators to produce the content your brand deserves. To use our technology to make the process of booking talent as efficient as possible.

Who are we?

We are a small team of creative entrepreneurs, producers, directors, and technologists based in LA. Why trust us? We make content ourselves. We’ve produced content on a range of scales from social posts for startups to Super Bowl spots for national advertisers. Our commitment is to be of service to the community first and foremost.